Message From Chairman

Message from Chairman

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the website of Roadshow Real Estate Pvt. Limited.

Roadshow Real Estate has always believed in quality services and long-term customer relations. We build spaces where dreams take wings and aspirations are realized.

Therefore, we consider we are not selling houses or apartments, rather we are selling homes.

On the same note, I would like to thank everyone whom Roadshow Real Estate has had the great honor of serving. It is all because of our patrons for the milestone we have achieved and for what we are today. Throughout the past, we have dedicated ourselves to developing specialist expertise and providing value-added services.

The success of all our projects like Maharajgunj Housing, Dhumbarahi Housing, Budhanilkantha Housing, Narayan Bhawan Residency, Bhatbhateni Apartment 1, Miteri Gaun Land Pooling Project, Land Map of Bahadurgunj, Bardibas land Pooling and Yagyapuri Land Pooling Project is all because of the trust and support that we have received from our clients. And we expect same kind of support in our future endeavors too.

As the largest firm in Nepal specializing in real estate investment services, our focus is always on maximizing value and client satisfaction. So, on behalf of Roadshow Real Estate, I hope you visit our website regularly and watch as it expands to provide interesting and important information on Nepal’s dynamic property sector.

Furthermore, please do not hesitate to offer any suggestions you may have on how we could better inform you through this site.


Mr. Kalu Gurung, Chairman

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